How to treat cough at home | home remedies to cure cough

How to treat cough at home | home remedies to cure cough

How to treat cough at home? | 5 home remedies to cure cough 

Cough is one of the most common health problems in the world.When a blockage or discomfort is in your throat or upper airway, your brain signals your body to remove this irritant of coughing.

 Cough can also be caused by a viral infection, cold, flu, smoking and health problems such as asthma, tuberculosis and lung cancer.

Cough tips home | cough home remedies

Some of the symptoms of cough are - sore throat, chest pain and congestion.Instead of using over-the-counter cuff syrup for this, you can do some natural remedies by using readily available ingredients in your kitchen.

So I will tell you 5 home remedies to cure cough.

turmeric powder

Turmeric has antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-oxidant properties.

Add half a teaspoon (small spoon) of turmeric to the hot milk.Drink twice a day for 15 days.It reduces mucus and removes mucus from the throat.It is one of the best remedies.

Mix 10 teaspoon turmeric powder in 5 teaspoon good and make gooseberry-sized tablets.

 If you have too much mucus, drink one spoon of desi ghee mixed with hot milk.

 Boil one tablespoon celery and one tablespoon turmeric powder with a glass of water.When the water remains half, let it cool down after removing it from the gas.Add a little honey to it.Drink this syrup two or three times a day.This will help in breathing by eliminating chest tightness.

Black pepper-Cough home remedies

Any treatment of cough can be done with black pepper.It loosens the mucus membrane and reduces and opens the chest.

You should chew two whole three black peppers for half an hour slowly (not swallow), eat a spoonful of honey over it, then swallow this chewed pepper slowly.

If you are having difficulty in chewing it due to the bitter taste of black pepper then drink two to three black peppers mixed with a glass of milk.

Chew slowly by adding a small amount of black pepper and celery, and half a teaspoon of salt.

Basil-Cough tips home

Mixing Shyam (black) basil juice with honey and eating it provides relief in cough.

Ginger decoction-cough home tips

Take the same amount of honey in half a teaspoon of ginger juice twice a day.

To make ginger syrup, add half a teaspoon of ginger juice to half a teaspoon of black pepper powder, one tablespoon of vinegar and honey.  Mix two to three spoons of water in it and keep it aside.This cough syrup can be taken two or three times a day.

Take one teaspoon freshly ground ginger, one tablespoon fenugreek seeds and 7 black peppers.  Boil them all in two cups of water until it remains equal to only one cup.Drink this decoction three to four times a day.

Ginger Garlic Tea- How to cure cough 

Very beneficial for cough and throat pain.This tea will not only give relief in throat pain but it will also reduce chest tightness by loosening mucus membranes.Add a small piece of ginger, 1-2 garlic buds, a few drops of lemon juice in boiling water, boil this water for 15-20 minutes.Drain it and keep aside, mix a little honey and give it to the patient.Lemon juice helps reduce cough and ease breathing.

Lemon is known for its therapeutic anti-oxidant and immune boosting power (immune booster power).

Onion-home remedies for cough and sore throat


Onion has excellent antibacterial, inflammable, and many disinfectants.  Onion is very effective in treating pneumonia.  Onion is also beneficial in bronchitis, asthma, common cold and cough.  Onion has an important role in the treatment of cough.  Mucus becomes loose by drinking the juice of chopped onions, which reduces chest tightness.

Take one or two teaspoons of onion juice, add one to two teaspoons of honey to it.  Keep this mixture aside for 5 hours, then give one teaspoon of juice to the patient two to three times a day.

Squeeze one or two teaspoons of lemon juice in one or two teaspoons of onion juice, add a little water and boil it.  When cold, add 1-2 teaspoons of honey.  Keep this phlegm syrup aside for 5 hours, then take one teaspoon of syrup two or three times a day.

Mix jaggery in 1-2 teaspoon onion juice and heat it in the pan.  When it starts to thicken like wax, remove it from the gas and let it cool.Take it two or three times a day.

NOTE :- The 5 home remedies for cough that I have told you, if you do the same remedy with the same rules, then your cough will be completely cured.


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