Essay on lion in english

Essay on lion in english


Essay on lion

Essay on lion (500 words) 

The lion, the king of the jungle, hears everyone's hair on hearing the name of the lion.

Today I can write you essay on lion in english That too in 500 words only.

·   The lion is the beast of the forest that all other animals fear.It is so dangerous that it can easily hunt animals larger than its size.The animals hunted by it are not only deer, reindeer, buffalo but also large animals like giraffes and elephants.However, a single lion is unable to hunt large animals such as buffalo, giraffes and elephants, so the entire herd hunt these animals together.

·    The lion is carnivorous in nature and receives its food only by hunting vegetarian animals.One special thing about hunting them is that they hunt mostly in the dark of night.The advantage of hunting at night is that they do not see their prey very well in the dark of night, which makes it easy to catch prey.  Hunting is mainly done by lionesses.On the other hand, if you see the work of lions, they protect their territory from other lions.  The lion prevents the intrusion of other lions into its territory so that no other lions occupy its territory and herds.

·    An adult Asiatic lion weighs 3.5 feet and height 10 feet and weighs up to 190 kg.On the other hand, if you talk about the weight of an adult lioness, an adult lioness can weigh up-to 120 kg.An adult lion has 30 teeth in its jaw, which enables it to snatch prey so that its prey does not come out of its jaw. In addition to the jaws, the lion also has speed.If you calculate the speed of a lion, it ranges from 40 kph to 80 kph.  The lion's voice is so loud that it can be heard from a distance of 8 kilometers.

·    The average lifespan of a lion is 10 to 14 years, but the lion's chances of living can be up to 20 years.Also, when talking about the lion's routine, the lion spends most of its time sleeping.The lion sleeps 20 hours a day while the lioness sleeps 18 hours a day.  An adult lion eats 8 to 9 kg of meat on average in a day.  On the other hand, if you talk about an adult lioness, an adult lioness also eats only 8-9 kg of meat on average.

·    A lioness has a gestation period of 110 days and a lioness gives birth to a maximum of 6 babies at a time.  Children born to lionesses weigh from 0.9 to 1.8 kg at birth and are called cubs.  The lioness does not drive out the cubs for 6 weeks and keeps them hidden.By these 6 weeks, the cubs are completely dependent on their mother.

·    Despite being the king of the jungle, there is a steady decline in the population of lions.The biggest reason for this is hunting by poachers.But in our country India, the population of lions, which had reached the verge of extinction, is now improving and it is gradually increasing.The population of lions in India was 411 in 2010, it increased to 523 in 2015 and still their population is continuously increasing in India which is very good.

Essay on lions

Today I gave you so much information about the lion, it was written essay like this and you also got information about the lion.

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