Maharana Pratap History And Biography

Maharana Pratap History And Biography

Maharana Pratap History And Biography : Maharana Pratap is known as the priest of freedom of dying for the motherland, symbol of Shorya, Maharana Pratap was born on 9 May 1540 in Badal Mahal located in Katargarh, Kumbhalgarh in Shishodia dynasty of Maharana Pratap.

Father's name was Uday Singh and mother Rani Jaiwanta Bai (daughter of "Akhi Raj Songera" of Pali). Maharana was raised under the care of Bhilo, he used to call him Kika affectionately.

Maharana Pratap Life Story

At the time of the 15th century, there were many small states in India at that time, one of them was Mewar, which now comes in Rajasthan, it is considered the birthplace of Mewar Rajputs.
At that time, the Mughals ruled almost everywhere because the kings of all the states had accepted subjugation of the Mughals.

But Mewar was a state that did not accept subjection to the Mughals. At that time the Maharaja of this place used to be "Maharana Uday Singh", who was the father of Maharana Pratap.

Maharana Pratap Brother

Bhai-Shakti Singh, Khan Singh, Viram Dev, Jetha Singh, Rai Singh, Jagmal, Sagara, Agar, Sinha, Pachan, Narayandas, Sultan, Lunkaran, Maheshadas, Chanda, Sardool, Rudra Singh, Bhav Singh, Netasi, Singh, Berisal , Man Singh, Saheb Khan.

Life of Maharana Pratap

Maharana Udai Singh loved his second wife Rani Dhir Bai very much, taking advantage of which Rani Dhir Bai declared his son "Jagmal" as Mewar heir. Because of which the people of there were unhappy, because Jagmal was not in any way eligible to become a successor.

But Maharana Pratap was unhappy with this and he made his father's decision. Since the people of Mewar loved Maharana Pratap very much, Jagmal used to burn with him and he felt that he would take away his kingdom. Hence Jagmal got Pratap out of the state.

Maharana Pratap Rajaybhishek

On 28th February 1572, on the day of Holi, Maharana Pratap was enthroned in the fort of Gogunda, the sword "Krishna Das Brahmin" was tied on his waist.

But Maharana Pratap's variously coronation took place in Kumbhalgarh Fort. At the time of this coronation, the ruler of Marwar "Rao Chandrasen" was also present.

Angered by this, Jagmal had gone to Akbar's shelter, and Akbar thought that Jagmal would work to capture Mewar, so Akbar gave Jagmal some of Sirohi's fiefdom. But Jagmal died in 1583 AD in the Battle of Datani.

Maharana Pratap life history Intersting Fact

Maharana Pratap always kept two swords with him because he did not attack an unarmed person, he used to give equal rest to another person.

He did not attack anyone from behind, always fought face to face.
Apart from being a heroic hero, he was also a skilled politician, ideal organisers .

Maharana Pratap's chest armor made of strong iron weighing 72 kg and his spear (Bhala) was 81 kg and a sword (Maharana Pratap Talwar) was 25 kg, with which he used to fight, you You can guess how powerful Pratap will be.

The weight of Maharana Pratap was 110 kg and Height was 7.5 inches.
The weight of the weapon and armor including the sword was 208 kg.

Maharana Pratap used to cut the enemy with his horse with a single sword.

Maharana Pratap was given the education of weapons by Shri Jaimal Medtiya.

Maharana Pratap had done 11 weddings during his lifetime.

Akbar kept trying to capture Maharana Pratap for 30 years and bowed before him but he failed.

While sleeping at night, Akbar used to wake up to see Maharana Pratap in his dream.

Akbar also cried after hearing the news of Maharana Pratap's death.

Maharana Pratap was firm in his promise that he would neither sleep on the bed nor eat food on a gold plate until he took back Chittor.

There was a time when Maharana Pratap had nothing, then he had struggled by

eating grass bread in the forest.
People used to call Maharana Pratap affectionately.

Intersting Fact of Maharana Pratap Horse Chetak

The name of Maharana Pratap's favorite horse was Chetak.

Chetak horse was blue.

A temple of Maharana Pratap's horse Chetak has also been built, which is still safe in Haldighati.

Maharana Pratap's horse was very sensitive and used to talk about the wind as soon as Pratap got a hint.

Chetak was badly injured in the Haldighati war, but still he jumped 27 feet from one hill to another.

Even today, people see Maharana Pratap's horse Chetak as a warrior.

Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2020

Maharana Pratap's birth anniversary is celebrated every year throughout India. On this day people play a lot of drums. There are colorful programs in Rajasthan on the occasion of this birth anniversary.

According to Hindi Panchang, the birth of Maharana Pratap comes on the Teej of Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month. S Bar Maharana Pratap's birth anniversary is on Saturday, 16 June 2021. This time will be his 481th birth anniversary.

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