Essay on my Pet

Essay on my Pet

Essay on my Pet

Humans have been raising some animals since the beginning. The animals he rears are called pets. Pets work for us. They provide us with food and other ingredients of living. They are useful for the public in many ways.

Essay on my Pet

Among the domesticated animals, cow, bull, buffalo, goat, horse, camel, mule, donkey, sheep, yak, dog etcoccupy a prominent place. Nutritious milk is obtained from cow, buffalo, goat and camel.

These animals are mainly reared for milk. Milk produces curd, ghee, butter, khoya, paneer, lassi, ice cream etc.The basis of the entire dairy industry is milk, which is equally useful from milch children to the elderly.

Bull, horse, camel, buffalo, donkey, mule etc. are the second category and domesticated animals. These are all weight animals, ie weights or weights can be loaded.

Bulls have been the basis of the Indian agricultural system because they are very useful in agricultural work. These plows pull bullock carts and plow into aces. Rides on a horse and pulls this tang and chariot.

Camel is the only useful ride of the desert regions. The donkey and the mule help the passers-by, traders and washers by lifting weights. Buffaloes also plow and plow into the car.

Essay on my Pet Dog

Essay on my Dog :

Like other pets, the dog is also a pet animal. The dog is considered very loyal. It is a very useful animal. There are many species of dogs. Some dogs are very intelligent. The dog's olfactory power (smelling power) is very strong.

That is why the police enlist the help of dogs to catch criminals. The dog is a quadruped animal. It has two eyes, two ears and a tail. Dogs are of many colors. Its size also varies. Some like rabbits and some larger than goats.

Rich people keep dogs for housekeeping. The dog rings the doorbell, and the stranger starts barking at the man. Neighbors also become wary as soon as a thief barks at night and the thief is forced to run away or is sometimes caught.

Domestic pet dogs are taken care of by their boss. They are tied in chains. Bathing and feeding on time, but there are a large number of stray dogs in the streets. These dogs wander from time to time in search of ahar.

Dog is found everywhere in the world. Dog’s loves his owner very much and is very loyal to him.It also protects the house from thieves. The dogs are also assisted by the police in catching thieves and criminals.

If they get a piece somewhere, they are driven away from it.These dogs roam in the winter heat and rain.Sometimes the committees take such dogs.Although a dog is a very profitable animal, it becomes dangerous when it is mad.

It is mandatory to get injections on its bite.If this is not done then there is a possibility of the person going mad.Nomadic people always keep dogs with them.Dogs also contain hunting.Their owners use these dogs to hunt small animals.

People’s find many stories of dog loyalty in books. Maharaj was the only dog to take Yudhishthira to heaven.We should take good care of baby dogs.Also it is important to protect yourself from Street dogs.As soon as he barks, we should be careful and defend ourselves.

Essay on my pet Cat

Essay o my cat

Cat is very intelligent, it understands the gestures of humans.The cat's body resembles that of a puppy, it is found in white, black, brown color.It has two eyes whose color can be yellow, blue, green, brown and black.

The cat is a small and cute animal, it is very beautiful and it looks like a tiger.It is reared as a pet in homes, children like it very much.

Its both eyes glow in the night and it can see well in the dark.It has four legs and whose claws have pointed nails.A kitten has 26 teeth in its mouth and an adult cat has 30 teeth in its mouth.

It is omnivorous like humans, it likes to eat milk, meat, fish, mice, bread in food.Whenever a cat hunts, it moves legs and hunts ambush.

The cat is very cute and a pet, it likes to live life in harmony with humans.The cat is usually found in all the provinces and it is reared as a pet in the house where rats live in the house where it lives.

The cat loves to relax, it is mostly sleepy but that does not mean that it is lazy, its body is very flexible and full of energy.In Europe and North America, cats are domesticated in large quantities.

The lifestyle of the cat is normal like other animal animals but the cat is reared in the pet form, so the pet cat has a good nature and it starts to understand the gestures of humans. But the wild cat has a slightly angry nature.

She does not like to mingle with humans, the cat hides and hunts like a tiger.This meow expresses its reaction by removing the sound of meow.

Whenever the cat is happy, she responds by shaking her question.Cats love to sleep so it sleeps for 8 to 10 hours in 1 day.

Cat likes to eat meat, fish, mice, birds, pigeons, milk and bread.She jumps around here and there and roams around in search of her food.

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