Essay on Doctor

Essay on Doctor

Essay on Doctor : Today we have essay on doctor for students of class 9 & 10. Doctors hold an important place in our society.

Without these, the solution of diseases is not possible. It is always ready to work even in the worst of circumstances. That is why today we have written an essay on these.

5 Simple Sentences About Doctor

(1) Doctor is also called Doctor or Veda.

(2) Doctors treat diseases ranging from minor diseases like cough to inaccessible diseases.

(3) Doctors are always ready to make the patient healthy

(4) The doctor keeps his mind calm in all kinds of situations, it is considered as another form of God.

(5) Good doctors wins the trust of everyone by performing his ability and duty.

Short New Eassy on Doctor

The good doctor has been given equal status as God because it is this person who helps people’s in curing us from the smallest disease to the most insurmountable diseases.

It is the doctor who makes people’s body healthy again. In today's run-of-the-mill world, a lot of diseases have spread. Diagnosis of some is possible, but still a doctor is always ready to make us healthy.

The life of a doctor is very struggle because he has to see every patient regularly and also have to think about what kind of medicines to take.

Also, in times of emergency, the doctor is unable to complete his sleep, yet he never withdraws from his duty.

The nature of the doctor is very pure and generous because if he is angry, the patient may get hurt,

which can make people sick and sick, so the doctor is always calm, due to this nature and the best efficiency of the doctor, people are very much on them. Believe it

The doctor is always respected in society and seen with a good eye. There has been a lot of change in the medical system since the old times.

Due to which, all the diseases have different doctors who are completely skilled in correcting a particular disease.

For this reason, half the medical system has expanded so much, as well as there has been a decrease in the patients who have developed the disease.

The doctors are given full credit for overcoming diseases because it is they who sit in the lab day and night making new medicines.

But as the times are changing the nature of some doctors is also changing, they are becoming greedy day by day and give expensive medicines to the patients to prove their selfishness.

Due to which many patients are unable to get treatment and they have to face death.

Today, the profession of the doctor has been made the business of earning money, due to which the rich have not made any difference but the condition of poor people has deteriorated.

Even after a minor illness, the poor man's entire month's income goes into correcting that disease.

But not all doctors are like this, even today, there are many doctors in the world who see patients without any charge and provide the same medicines.

In the true sense, it is the duty of a doctor to help the patient who comes to him to recover at least in rupees. Only such doctors deserve praise because of this people still trust doctors more than themselves.

And we also have to believe that due to the doctor, today we are healthy despite being surrounded by so much disease. That is why it is a matter of pride to be a doctor in society.

Hope you will like this eassy on Doctor.

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