Essay on Digital India

Essay on Digital India

Digital India | Essay for class 10

Digital India 2020

Preamble: Digital India is a very good program run by the Government of India. It is the Digital India Project launched by the Government of India as Digital Week on 1 July 2015 (from 1 July to 7 July). This project Anil Ambani, It has been launched in the presence of big personalities like Azim Premji, Cyrus Mistry, in which it is resolved that India has to move further by giving digital power through new ideas in IT, education, agriculture etc. Telecommunication and Information Technology Technology It is planned and chaired by the Ministry.

Digital India will be the program that will transform the country into a digital power society and give India a new look. With the Digital India program, every information and record of the country is being kept in a neatly electronic twist which will bring in speed as well as speed in further work.

This is a very impressive plan for a transformed India for the better development and growth of the people of the country. Its goal is to give India digital expansion for good governance and more jobs. The main goal of Digital India has been to connect all government facilities electronically and to the Internet.

Three major functions of Digital India

(1) To make every citizen aware of the utility of Digital India.

(2) Governance and providing services on demand of citizen

(3) To provide digital power to every citizen

How Digital India will work

Digital India will facilitate digitization of data which will help to make things faster and efficient in future, it will also save paperwork and time and human effort. Establish alliances in government and private sector, digital laces in many big villages will also bring changes in areas and that too will be digitization.

All the villages and cities and cities of India will be technical (national international) main companies.The plan is to complete this project by 2019.In this, Ambani has invested 2.5 lakh crores with this service to reach remote rural areas with internet service. Internet can improve citizen, this scheme will benefit everyone greatly.

Major schemes run by Digital India

Digital India is running some schemes for the development of India in which it is a very talented form of the already prevalent e-governance scheme which has been given the name of the new pillars which gives every citizen many Will provide digital facilities.

The column is

1. Broad Band Highway

2. Public Interest Access Program

3. Mobile connectivity

4. a revolution

5. e-governance

6. All information

7. IT for the job.

8. Pre-harvest Program

9. Electronic Manufacturing

Everyone is aware of Digital India
Under Digital India, the government will give all its information to every citizen through website and social media. Communication facility will also be provided so that everyone has information about digital India.

To make this scheme a success, the government first took biometric data of people with the help of Aadhaar so that they can get their unique identity. After getting the unique identity of all the Indian people, all the services like mobile number, PAN, bank account, life insurance, ration card, gas connection, driving license, Aadhaar card are being linked to Indian citizens.

After that all the facilities are being provided to the people with the help of Aadhaar. Due to this, people are being identified properly and at the same time, those who are doing corruption have reduced. Today you can buy a mobile SIM with the help of Aadhaar at home, apply your PAN and there are many services that are completed in a few minutes with the help of Online KYC and OTP for which people sometimes wait for months. Had to do.

In today's time, almost all Indian banks have the facility of online banking and ATM, with the help of which people can transact all the money sitting at home.
Now PAN is also being linked to Aadhaar, with the help of which no one will be able to steal income tax or scam and at the same time people can also pay TDS sitting at home.

Manufacturing many electronic devices
Under (Net.Giro. Imports) all types of electronic equipment will be manufactured in the country including mobile_setup box,, VSAT, fab lace design, customer and medical electronic, smart energy meter, micro ATM, smart card , As the equipment will be manufactured in our country itself and there will be more focus on them.

Jobs by Digital India: The villagers will be imparted training as per the working procedure by linking the skill development program with it, which will help in employment.

Early Harvest Program

Under this, the government has made certain rules to further the Digital India program, which will be implemented across the country.

For the success of Digital India, the big companies of the country have spent a lot so far, they have spent 4.5 lakh crores in it, it will provide jobs to 18 lakh people, this is a very good plan of the Government of India, it is a different identity of India.

Hoagi Digital India will connect in every area from village to city and will brighten the name of our country. Our country used to get help from other countries and now it will become a nation to provide help. It will have a different identity of India.

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